Garage Door

Garage Door Maintenance Tips and Techniques

A garage door functions perfectly when all the components work correctly. Due to continuous use, friction among garage door parts decreases the performance of the garage door. Regular garage door repair service is important to keep the garage door working at its tip-top position. You should have a basic understanding of the mechanism of the garage door. How to undertake garage door service: A garage door is a biggest and most electrically operated machine. It is a combination of both electrical and mechanical parts which can be dangerous to handle. Start your project by reading the instructions manual. It will help you to get information about the basic components and the working mechanism of the garage door.  Afterward, you can proceed to undertake some garage door maintenance tasks. Common ways of garage door maintenance: Inspection: Take a close look at all the parts of the garage door. Check garage door tracks, opener, panels, rollers, bearing, mounting brackets, and electrical connections of the garage door. Try to find out any sign of rust or wear and tear on garage door parts. If the metal tracks are not aligned, use a carpenter’s scale to adjust them. Lubrication: A garage door needs a smooth surface to run properly. Use any mild household oil to lubricate the dry-running components. Avoid using heavy grease because it attracts dust and dirt and causes blockage on the tracks. Other parts that need to be lubricated include rollers, chains, hinges, pulleys, and screws. Garage door opener setting: Recent models of garage door openers need to be programmed manually. A garage door contractor sets the default setting as required for daily use. Do not tamper with the setting of the opener unless you fully understand the method or better call a garage door expert. Dents in the garage door panels: Frequent use causes dents and bents on the panels. Lightweight aluminum garage doors tend to get dents easily. You can fix them on your own using a small hammer and a woodblock. Badly damaged tracks should be replaced. Garage door ventilation: A garage can become hot during summer and cold in the winter. Install a perfect ventilation fan to moderate the temperature in the garage. Another way to install a freestanding exhaust fan which also helps in saving energy costs by keeping the heating and cooling levels controlled. Garage door insulation: Polystyrene insulation panels are famous to resist variation in temperature. The high value of insulation will provide you with great energy efficiency. The gap between the bottom of the garage door and the floor should be covered by rubber sealing. It also helps to reduce the energy cost. Bonus tip: Dust and dirt can lead to rusting. These substances can be removed by washing the garage door using a mild household washing liquid. You may also use sandpaper to remove the rust. Apply oil to lubricate the garage door. Regular garage door maintenance can save hundreds of dollars. It is suggested that maintain the garage door regularly in order to avoid costly replacement. However, serious garage door problems including, garage door opener replacement and broken spring replacement should be handled by the professionals. Call a professional and certified garage door company to deal with your garage door.