Fishing is What We Do

This website is all about educating the fishermen on a more sustainable way of fishing. We also let them connect with our consumers so that the public can help in encouraging them to resort to a much better fishing method. This will be a win-win solution for everyone which can make the fishing industry more competitive.

This website was created in 2010. Since then, it has already garnered a lot of reactions from both consumers and fishermen alike. Many supported us in our advocacy. However, there are still those who continue to stick with their own way of fishing. As such, we have intensified our campaign in order to educate them better. We know that some fishermen are resistant to change because they lack the knowledge with regards to its advantages. As such, this is what we are hoping to address.

This website was started by Johnny Boop. He used to be a traditional fisherman until he learned a more modern method in fishing which in turn, brought in more fishes. Now, he was able to catch more and more fishes for the consumers. We are not encouraging here illegal fishing methods. In fact, we are the first to say that our methods do not involve any chemicals at all which would not only be harmful to the fishes that our fishermen catch but can also ruin the natural balance of the ecosystem. We only make use of the modern technology that is in compliance with what is legal in the federal government.

Our advocacy in this website often creates confusion and misunderstandings. This is what we are hoping to avoid. That is why you can contact us anytime so that you can ask us any question about our advocacy. We promise you that we won’t let you down.

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