Sand Dabs for Davis

The Davis drop is getting pan-ready sand dabs today! Not sure what a sand dab is? No idea what pan-ready means? You can click on the sand dabs category at the end of this post to see all past sand dab information. You can also scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the categories for any of our fish. You can also check out sand dab recipes in the recipe forum.

Pan-fried Sand Dabs

This is the most popular way to prepare pan-ready sand dabs, and with good reason. It’s delicious. There are many variations on this recipe, and this one is admittedly basic, but I promise you that you will love it. There are all kinds of fancier ways to cook sand dabs, but if this is your first time eating them, do this.


Pan-fried Sand Dabs

1 egg beaten
1/4 cup milk
1 pound pan-dressed Sand Dabs (The amount you will receive in a half share)
1/2 cup flour seasoned with 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 cup  panko bread crumbs
¼ cup clarified butter
Lemon wedges

1. In a bowl, beat together the milk and eggs. Dredge each fish in the seasoned flour before dipping into the egg/milk mixture and rolling to coat in the bread crumbs.

2. In a large skillet, heat the clarified butter over a medium-high heat.

3. Cook the breaded sand dabs for 3-4 minutes per side. Reduce the heat if the pan begins smoking.

4. Serve immediately and garnish with the lemon wedges.

NOTE: Bones can be easily removed from pan-ready sand dabs after cooking. Information on that can be found here.


Sand Dabs for Saturday

We have sand dabs again! Saturday drops will get pan-ready sand dabs. Their sweet flesh makes them ideal for pan frying. Click on the sand dab category below for source information and recipes.

Sand Dabs

In honor of our first midweek drops in Berkeley and Sand Francisco we have a new fish to enjoy: Sand dabs!

Sand dabs should be far more popular than they are among home cooks. They are absolutely tasty. I know more than a few old fish biz pros that name sand dabs as their absolute favorite fish. There are reasons behind their elusiveness. The supply chain is a bit difficult to navigate, so they rarely end up in grocery store seafood counters and can be hard to track down. Their shelf life is minuscule. They get soft almost immediately, so holding an inventory is a tricky business. Sand dabs are a fixture in restaurants, but are often mis-marketed sole rather than actual sand dabs. They are, however, a perfect fish for a CSF to provide. When delivered fresh they embody everything that is right about fresh fin fish. Not holding an inventory has its advantages!

These dabs were caught by hook and line in Bodega Bay. They are delicious and easy to prepare. Pan-ready sand dabs are headed and gutted, with the bones left inside and the scales and tail left on. Sand dab scales are soft and do not need to be removed prior to cooking. The bones are also left in until after cooking as they add flavor to the meat and are more easily removed from the cooked fish. Filleting these wee fish leads to too much waste. Believe me, pan-ready is the way to go.

I prefer to gradually remove the cooked meat from the bone with my fork as I eat. You can slide your fork in between the meat and the back bone and lift the meat away as you go. The skin can be very delicious, but will pull easily away from the meat if you are not a fish skin fan (You are missing out.).

Enjoy your sand dabs!