Subscriber Agreement

Siren Fish Co. Subscription Policy



 •Siren Fish Co. delivers year-round.  When you sign up, you will pay a deposit $92-$500 plus a $15 new membership fee. Your Farmigo account will be debited as you receive shares. You will receive an email confirmation of your sign-up and an email renewal notice when your account balance is less than the cost of your next delivery.

Your subscription does not automatically cancel when your account reaches a zero balance. We will not send you a share when your account balance is $5 less than the cost of your next share. Please let us know if you would like to cancel when you receive a renewal reminder email. Cancellations must be processed by Siren staff and cannot be completed by logging into your Farmigo account. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of our member management system and not something that we can change.

•You may choose the contents of your fresh share by logging into your account during the order period. The order period for your share will begin when you receive an email notifying you that the web store is open. The period will end at 11 PM two days prior to your scheduled delivery. ie: A share picked up on Wednesday will be available to edit between Sunday when the web store email goes out and Monday night at 11 PM. You will receive a confirmation email when your changes are submitted. Please make sure that the quantities and items in the confirmation email are what you intended to order.

We prefer that you cancel your account with a zero balance. We commit to buying loads of fish based on predicted orders and have often committed to buying seafood in advance.

• You may put your share on vacation hold when necessary by logging into your Farmigo account here.  Please note that the weekly deadline for vacation hold is 2 days prior to your delivery day.

Please bring a cooler or insulated bag to carry your seafood share. We will maintain your seafood shares at the proper temperature during fishing, processing, delivery and distribution. We are not responsible for what happens to your share after you pick it up from your delivery site.  Seafood needs to be kept cold, so plan your post pick-up schedule accordingly.

If you cannot make your scheduled pick up and it is too late to go on hold, please get someone to pick up your share.

• Any unclaimed shares after the sites pick-up deadline will become property of the distribution site.  Please do not try to make special pick-up arrangements.  It is important that we respect the deadlines and let our site hosts get on with their days.

If you miss your scheduled pick up, we cannot make up or credit you for that missed share. 

Missed deliveries on our part

If a delivery is canceled because of hazardous weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances, you will be notified by email. We can only compensate you for a missed share if we are at fault for the missed delivery. 

We will generally be able to substitute another fresh, local, sustainable seafood option if our first choice is not available.