How It Works


We are a community supported fishery, which means that we partner with local fishers and producers to source the best sustainably harvested seafood you’ve ever had.

Siren shares are now fully customizable. You may choose your weekly delivery, or you can relax and let us pick for you. When you sign up you will be asked to make three decisions:

  1. Select your pick-up location or select home delivery.
  2. Select your share size and type. Don’t worry too much about this, we assign share contents based on share type, but you will always have the option to log in and change what you are getting.
  3. Select your payment plan.

Pick Up or Home Delivery

A list of our pick-up locations and home delivery areas can be found here. You can receive a share every week or every other week. You may place your share on vacation hold as close as two days prior to your pick-up or delivery. Bi-weekly schedules are labeled A and B. These are designations we use to distinguish between weekly schedules. Our delivery calendar can be found here.


Share Size and Type

You may choose between a Variety Share or All Fillet Share for two people (Average $23 per share) or four people (Average $46 per share). Don’t get too hung up on this. You will be able to select the contents of your share for each delivery. Details on that process can be found here. Pricing is provided up front and varies based on the type of seafood. Generally, a share for two will range from $18 to $28 per delivery and a share for four is double that price. You may choose to receive a share on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We allow subscribers to place their shares on a vacation hold, so there’s no need to find a home for fish that you will not be in town to pick up. A Variety Share will be assigned one of the following: sardines, herring, King salmon, squid, oysters, mussels, clams, Dungeness crab, sea urchin, crayfish, rock cod, black cod, halibut, Albacore tuna, Pacific sole, ling cod, and night smelt. We occasionally find something really special for Variety Share members that might not be listed here. The All Fillet share will be assigned filleted fish  and will be made up of one of the following: rock cod, black cod, King salmon, halibut, Pacific sole, ling cod, Dungeness crab, and Albacore tuna.


Payment Plans

The share prices will vary from week to week based on the cost of the seafood, but we will be choosing seafood carefully to maintain an average cost of $23 per share. You can choose an auto payment plan or a one time payment for as little as $92 (The average cost of four deliveries.) There is a one-time $15 new membership fee.



You will receive an email reminder that arrives four days prior to your pick-up that will have the contents of your upcoming delivery. We will follow up the night before your delivery with a share email that contains sourcing details and recipes, but you will know what your share will be 4 days in advance.

While we will attempt to provide a schedule in advance, we will be at the mercy of the weather and substitutions may be necessary. The seafood you receive will be fresh and gorgeous. Anna works in the facility that will be filleting and trucking the fish. She will have the opportunity to inspect the deliveries before they are sent out for pick-up. She is meticulous AND pushy. Her staff simply adores her.

Your deliveries will be packaged in a plastic bag. Please bring a small cooler and ice pack with you to pick up. Our drop hosts will not be able to package your share for you and fish needs to be kept at 40F or lower to keep the flesh firm.

Recipes and tips for how to prepare, and in some cases, break down that week’s delivery will be emailed to you the night before your delivery along with some information about the fishermen that brought in our catch.