Sardines at last!

After weeks and weeks of just missing them, we have sardines! They are large and lovely. I ate one for dinner. SO GOOD.


The sardines will arrive whole, but DO NOT BE AFRAID. Sardines are a great entry-level whole fish to butcher. I am linking to an article that gives three fantastic options for preparing fresh sardines. In all three cases, the fish can be either gutted or headed and gutted. I asked my friend Tony Rivas to let me film him prepping some sardines. Tony has been managing a fresh fish processing plant for over 30 years. The guy knows his fish. BONUS: A new way to use a box cutter!


Sardine Recipes

This week’s recipes are from Edible San Francisco. Bruce Cole, the editor and publisher, helped form, launch, and get the word out about Siren. He has been a considerable support and very generously sent me this great article by Molly Watson. You have THREE options. Cured, cured and marinated, and grilled. I dream of grilled sardines. So salty and delicious!


Link to Edible San Francisco article



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