Sourcing Information for December 5th through 9th

Yellowtail Jack

Seriola lalandi

New fish! This is our first Yellowtail Jack Siren share. Due to the timing of offload in Santa Barbara we were not able to offer this fish to all Wednesday members, but fret not, we will be offering Yellowtail Jack again next week as a share option.
Landed by Cliff Kent of F/V Gone Madd in Santa Barbara, CA.

Cliff uses a drift gill net to catch these fish near Santa Cruz Island. Unlike other drift gill netters, he keeps his boat stationary while the net is in the water. Cliff actively fishes his net, ensuring minimal bycatch and beautiful fish.

If you would like to indulge in some serious sustainable seafood geekery, click here!


Grilled Yellowtail with Green Curry Sauce

Lemon Pepper Yellowtail with Sauteed Spinach


Albacore Tuna (Refreshed)


Albacore tuna, landed in Brookings, OR and frozen in September.


Bacon Wrapped Albacore

Tuna Braised in Olive Oil


Last but not least we have…

crab stitch

Landed in Bodega Bay and perfectly cooked. Grab some butter and get to work!