Sourcing Information for January 17th-21st

When the weather is especially stormy, local seafood sourcing can sometimes be a challenge. But we still have two excellent choices for you!

1) Dungeness Crab, cracked and cleaned, landed in Bodega Bay


Cracked Crab with Lemongrass, Black Pepper and Basil

Cracked Crab with Butter and Citrus

2) Black Cod, landed in Bodega Bay


Black Cod and Chorizo Stew – I posted this last week but it’s so good, I wanted to share it again in case you haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet.

Pan-Seared Black Cod with Lemon Pepper Aioli

And this one got such rave reviews that I wanted to share it again: Roasted Harissa Garlic Crab 

Your Weekly Seafood News Briefing

Klamath dam removals heavily supported by community. “Close to 100 people showed up to speak for the removal of the four dams on the Klamath River at a public meeting put on by the California State Water Resource Control Board in Arcata on Thursday evening…’We’ve known for a long time that the reservoirs have severely compromised water quality, which can cause algae blooms which have disastrous effects on the river’s fisheries, recreational and ceremonial uses…’ ”

Tsukiji Fish Market: Fighting To Save Tokyo’s Culinary Heritage.

“Located in central Tokyo, Tsukiji is the largest fish market in the world with separate wholesale and retail areas. Besides being the source for most of the fresh fish served in Tokyo’s sushi bars and restaurants, Tsukiji is the best food court imaginable…And yet, for all these wondrous treats, the city of Tokyo wants to tear down the market.”