Sourcing Information for January 31st-February 4th

1) Dungeness Crab, cracked and cleaned



Garlic and Chile Roasted Crab

SF Gate’s favorite crab recipes

2) Abalone from American Abalone Farms


Beautiful sustainably farmed Red Abalone from American Abalone Company in Davenport, CA. Each package will contain four 1.5-1.75 ounce tenderized steaks. These can be frozen for later use.


Sautéed Abalone

Abalone with Chile and Garlic

3) Black Cod, skin-on, landed in Bodega Bay


Black Cod with Miso

Black Cod with Swiss Chard, Olives and Lemon

4) Pacific Herring 


You will receive 2 pounds of fresh, whole herring.


How to cook herring + recipes

Grilled Herring with Mustard and Basil Dressing

Your Weekly Seafood News Briefing

Trump Administration gives thumbs up to Pebble Mine near Bristol Bay, AK. Sign the petition to save Bristol Bay. “Bristol Bay is home to the world’s largest run of wild sockeye salmon and has provided for Alaska Native communities for thousands of years. Today it supports an economy worth $1.5 billion a year and over 14,000 sustainable, American jobs.”

How the world’s largest seafood companies advocate for sustainability. “Eight of the world’s largest seafood companies announced a 10-point conservation plan that includes pledges to combat illegal fishing and improve traceability of the fish that enter their supply chains.”

China plans to cut 20,000 fishing vessels by 2020, and increase imports. “China plans to cut its domestic wild-catch fishing haul by 3.09 million tons from its 2015 total, down to 10 million in 2020.”