Sourcing Information for Saturday, April 22nd

It’s Earth Day today! Celebrate by eating sustainable seafood!

1) California Halibut, Santa Barbara

Halibut on wood with logo

These gorgeous local halibut were caught by Captain Cliff Kent on the F/V Gone Mad using a handline, and landed in Santa Barbara.


Grilled Lemon Garlic Halibut

Halibut with Soy-Ginger Dressing

2) Mussels from Cove Mussel Co., farmed in Tomales Bay


These mussels were cultivated by Scott Zahl, owner/operator of Cove Mussel Co. in Tomales Bay.

Scott Zahl on his farm.

Scott was raised in Hawaii and lived there until college.  After five years in Santa Barbara and a degree in marine biology from UCSB, Scott moved to Tomales and began working for Tomales Bay Oyster Co.  There was a change of ownership in the winter of 1983, and production was temporarily stopped.  Scott and a partner decided to start out on their own and begin cultivating mussels.  Scott described the early years as a lot of learning by trial and error.  Cove Mussel Co. was one of the first in the area to attempt to grow mussels, and they remain some of the best I’ve ever tasted!

The mussels are Mediterranean mussels, brought to Tomales Bay on the hulls of trading ships.  Scott gathers the seed mussels from Tomales Bay and transfers them to his farm. The mussels are grown in mesh bags that are placed high in the water column, thereby avoiding sand and grit.  Scott spends a lot of time agitating the mussels.  They like to be moved around a lot.  They come out of the water meaty, tender, and delicious.  Once removed from their mesh cage, they are immediately weighed and delivered. Each share will come with 2 pounds of mussels.


Drunken Mussels

Grilled Mussels with Herb Butter

3) Skin-on Black Cod fillet, landed in Bodega Bay

2 Pieces of Fillet (Overhead shot)

This black cod was caught using long line on the F/V China Doll by Captain Anthony Ferrari.


Roasted Harissa Lemon Sablefish with Spring Time Couscous

Black Cod with Miso

4) Fresh Wild Alaska King Salmon, Sitka, AK


This beautiful troll-caught Alaska king salmon just came in yesterday! Caught on the F/V Ocean Beauty and landed in Sitka.


Asian-style Salmon

Easy Grilled Salmon

4) Black Gill Rockfish, Bodega Bay, CA

rock cod with logo

This black gill rockfish was caught on the F/V China Doll using bottom longline, and landed in Bodega Bay. The fillet will come to you scaled with the skin on.


Bottom Longline


Rockfish Tacos

Spicy Pan-fried Blackened Rockfish

Your Weekly Seafood News Briefing

Seafood joins fair trade revolution, a scallop at a time. “Fair trade coffee, bananas and … scallops? Yes, very soon. Fair trade certification status…has been around for years. But it’s just now on the rise among seafood products in the U.S., where consumer interest in the story behind the fish and shellfish they eat is growing.”

See the open ocean through the eyes of leatherback sea turtles. Scientists attach cameras to sea turtles to study their behavior.

Drones making waves in aquaculture. “Flying drones are revolutionizing land-based businesses…[and] a similar revolution could be on the horizon for aquaculture, with underwater drones giving fish-farmers eyes under the waves, allowing them to monitor water conditions and fix equipment problems cheaply.”

Enjoy your seafood this week!