The DIY Garage Door Repair Project

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The DIY Garage Door Repair Project

After a long and busy working day, all you can think of is a nice shower and a cup of coffee while watching your favorite TV show. When you arrived home you could find yourself in trouble. Unfortunately, the garage door does not respond. You push the button of the remote repeatedly in frustration but the garage door does not open. The last option is to call Dayton Garage Door Pros to help you.

In such situations, most people prefer to call a garage door contractor right away to fix the malfunctioning garage door. What about you? I want to suggest that have a look at the garage door on your own to find out the problems before you call or rush to the nearest garage door dealer. Maybe it is not an as serious issue as you assume, you can solve it by yourself. If I am not wrong, you were provided with a manual the day of garage door installation which gives you some troubleshooting techniques. Definitely, it is the first source you should be found.  Let’s see what else you can do to bring back your garage door to working condition.

  • Garage door remote failure is the most common cause of garage door malfunctioning. Always keep a spare unit in your car to check if the issue lies with the remote.
  • If your remote looks fine, check the sensors that receive signals from the remote. Make sure that they are cleaned and aligned properly so that they get smooth transmission of signals.
  • Check the rollers and hinges on which the garage door runs. Make sure that they are cleaned and lubricated properly. Damaged ones should be replaced.
  • Check the electric wires and cables to make sure that they are connected properly. A clear indication of this issue is the jamming garage door. Your garage door may fluctuate or stop in the middle of opening and closing. 
  • Garage door tracks on which it runs should be held in their place with the help of mounting brackets. If there is any loose screw or nut that causes improper operations of a garage door should be tightened properly.
  • Check the garage door tracks thoroughly to make sure that there are no dented or bump patches. If your garage door is old, it is good to check it with professionals. You can get them in shape using a plastic hammer.
  • If you are living in a place that has extremely cold climate conditions, there is a chance that the garage door gets stuck. You can use any heating equipment to melt the icy connection. You also need to adjust the pressure of the garage door. 
  • The last but most important thing to check is the garage door spring. The operations of the garage door are controlled by the springs. When they pull the heavy garage door, they are under a great amount of pressure which should be handled by professionals.

It is generally suggested that anything other than the broken springs can be fixed on your own but you need to call a professional garage door expert to fix or replace the garage door springs. If your garage door is outdated, its components have a working limit and they are supposed to be replaced after a certain time. If you want to have a peaceful sleep while being sure that your house is secure, call professional garage door installers to replace the garage door right now.