The Triumphant Return of Albacore Week

I am VERY excited to say that we have albacore again this week! It might be the last time that I can get my hands on it this season. The fishery is still open, but my trusted dock gurus are telling me that the fish are not really biting locally anymore. This is nothing to be alarmed about as it is just a seasonal change, but I will miss having albacore. I love that cute and tasty fish.

There are many seasonal changes starting to happen up here on the coast. Everyone is getting geared up (Literally, they are buying new gear or restoring old gear.) for crab season. There’s always a lot of buzz and hearsay around the opening of crab season. Will there be big crab? How much meat will they have? What kind of price will the fishermen be able to negotiate? Everyone makes money during a good crab season, and for a lot of small operations it is that influx of cash that gets them through the rest of the year.

The weather is changing. The winds are up and we have had our first real rain of the season. Small boats, you know the kind that I buy from, are not suited for going out in high wind conditions. The big trawlers can still make it out, but as of right now and for the foreseeable future, Siren does not buy fish caught by trawl. Between the switch over to crab trapping and the high wind conditions, I am getting a little nervous about sourcing through the winter. I have always said that I would rather deliver nothing than go back on my standards, and I still feel that way. I have been lucky enough to make it through thirteen deliveries without having to use the red phone. That is what I have been calling failing to deliver anything. As in, “Get the Pentagon on the red phone, I have no fiiiiiiiiiish!” I have used nearly every contingency plan that I had, and some that I didn’t even know I had. Luckily, those handy contingency plans are recyclable.

So, as we head into the deep dark winter, I want to thank you all in advance for your patience. If I do have to use THE RED PHONE, no one’s account will be charged and I will be so apologetic and charming. I have some tricks (Beer-brined smoked salmon tricks) up my sleeve, so hopefully I am giving you this warning for no reason. This is my first winter doing this, so I just want to make my subscribers aware of the worst-case scenario.

Enough winter bummer nonsense, let’s get back to the albacore. I have already covered the source information in a previous post, and given away the secret fish plant albacore recipe. Enjoy this lovely fish!